The Sierra Valley provides a draw for its rich ranching history, strong communities, endless outdoor recreation and incredible beauty.

Life in the Sierra Valley

The tranquil lifestyle makes for an ideal place to raise a family and is cherished by residents.

The valley is remote enough to enjoy the benefits of rural life, while still being close to modern amenities.

The valley is situated at an altitude of approximately 5000’ with little rainfall, low humidity and modest snowfall.

Dozens of ranches line the Sierra Valley floor, the largest high altitude farming valley in the US at 13 miles wide and 25 miles long.

The Sierra Valley public schools offer award-winning curriculums in small class-size settings.

To Reno
To Lake Tahoe
To San Francisco

The community of Loyalton and the greater Sierra Valley has been called “one of the last, best places in California, a natural wonder.”

The community boasts an exceptional, award-winning public school system enhanced by the Roots and Boots Initiative which encourages students to explore place-based experiences such as outdoor education, regional history and art, agricultural education and environmental science.


The Sierra Valley, a peaceful hidden gem, nonetheless affords ease of access to all urban amenities (Costco, Home Depot, Whole Foods, etc.) in Reno, 45 minutes from Loyalton.


Excellent air transport options are available from Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Truckee Tahoe Airport and Beckworth, California’s Nervino Airport.


Loyalton offers affordable sites for new home construction. The Resource Regen campus site would likely include a co-location of housing to support the workforce in the community.

Endless recreation opportunities are abundant in the Sierra Valley and the nearby lakes basin region

The Sierra Valley is a popular destination for cycling, fly fishing, trail running, snowmobiling and farm tours.

The Valley boasts historical sites, a popular hot springs and uncrowded roads for miles of road biking or motorcycling adventures. The Valley is located less than an hour from the famed Lake Tahoe and provides easy access to world class skiing, mountain biking, boating, and hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Explore Sierra Valley Recreation

Sierra Valley Farms Farmers Market

Sierra Buttes and Lakes Basin Recreation Area
Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, alpine touring, swimming, hiking, fishing, kayaking, sailing, boating, camping, bicycling, horseback riding and 4-wheel driving

North Lake Tahoe Recreation
Skiing, trails, boating, swimming, shopping

Loyalton Museum

Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola 

Jackson Meadow Recreation Area
Fishing, swimming, camping, wildlife viewing, water skiing, jet skiing, and sailing

Truckee, a short 40-minute drive from Loyalton, offers plenty of historical sites, shops, dining and outdoor activities.

Reno – The Biggest Little City in the World

Nearby Reno offers a thriving arts and culture scene, international airport, research facilities at the University of Nevada, excellent shopping and a booming economy


The Sierra Valley was settled in the 1850s. The ranches provided dairy products, hay, and cattle for Truckee and the western Sierra County mines and to the Comstock Mines in the 1860s.

By the 1880s it was one of the finest agricultural regions of California. Since 1853, much of the population has been devoted to cattle-raising and farming. Many of the existing ranches and barns were built in the 19th century. The lumber industry was an integral part of this healthy agricultural economy. Sierra Valley timber supplied the Comstock mines, Central Pacific Railroad, and California fruit industry from the 1860s to the turn of the century.

The early 1900s marked a decline in the timber demands with the closing of mines, but the Sierra Valley lumber industry continued to be an important aspect of the economy and culture until the late 20th Century. – Sierra County Chamber

Did You Know?

The Resource Regen Campus is proud to support the efforts of the Sierra County Firesafe organization by providing a facility to store two trailers onsite which are dispatched to any Sierra County resident’s property to have wood materials or scraps loaded and hauled to our facility for free. Visit for more information.