Decades of forest fuel buildup, coupled with the impacts of climate change on western forests, has dramatically increased the risk of devastating wildfires.

Over the past decade, there has been a growing recognition that biomass sourced materials can cost-effectively replace petroleum based products and conventional materials to reduce carbon emissions while removing millions of tons of biomass from high fire-risk forests.

These technical innovations to convert waste biomass are now transitioning to private investments in the development of bio-products using feedstock from natural lands and restoration activities.

The Loyalton Cogen Plant generates not only electricity but steam and hot water waste streams that are ideally suited to provide low-cost process energy for advanced value-added wood products.

The site has extensive high-impact asphalt storage capacity for both logs and chipped materials. This offers tenants a broad spectrum of opportunities to obtain a wide range of forest residuals suited to individual wood products manufacturing applications, including:

  • Flexible industrial zoning
  • Electricity supply services
  • Drinking water, process water and wastewater management
  • Fire protection
  • High-quality road network for truck transport services
  • Public and private airport services