The Loyalton Cogen Plant 

The biomass cogen plant has the capacity to meet the energy, steam and water needs of any business on the campus at highly attractive rates. The site is primed for development with entitlements secured and zoning potential for a broad range of light and heavy manufacturing businesses.

The 20MW power plant has been substantially refurbished in order to meet the highest level of reliability for the next 25 years and has a state-of-the-art control system to maintain the highest standards of plant air emissions.

A Circular Economic Model

The Loyalton cogen plant provides tremendous benefits to its tenants thanks to the the energy and steam generated which tenants can make use of at attractive market rates.

This low-cost energy source will contribute to socially responsible development of the campus. The power supply is generated from environmentally sustainable, 100% renewable biomass. The cogen plant is an important contributor to forest resilience, as it reuses residual biomass and small diameter wood harvested from forest thinning, which in turn benefits forest health and fire reduction.